Writing Tips & Links

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Magazines about Writing

Writer's Digest (USA), Writers' Forum (UK), Writing Magazine/Writers' News (UK)

Want to review books, or get your book reviewed?

Compulsive Reader (Australia), MidWest Book Review (USA), BookReview, Mostly Fiction, ForewordReviews. Be warned, most review sites expect readers to review for free.

Want to find a writing contest?

These sites list contests. Also look locally and search the Internet.

Funds For Writers (highly recommended), WriteLink (UK), Towse's List, The National Assoc. of Writers Groups (UK), Writer's Write (USA)

Useful Information For Writers in Ireland

Find a Market for your Writing

Great Research Resources

Advice and Help for Writers

When you write enough to pay tax...

US Tax Guide for Aliens, Tax information for Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany and Korea, Irish tax exemption on non fiction books

Postal Submissions to other Countries - you need foreign stamps!

United States Postal Service, An Post (Ireland), UK stamps Consignia

Please contact me if any of these links become obsolete and I'll fix them - thanks!

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